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QtInfo has two main goals:

  1. Display basic Qt-related information in an easy-to-report-to-developer way. It is NOT a hardware-info tool, nor does it try to display information that is not available via Qt APIs

  2. Demonstrate how to dynamically detect available functionality to address a fragmented deployment base (optimize for best available featureset instead of lowest common denominator). It's not about having an elegant #WorksForMe, it's about #WhatEverItTakes to run on as many Qt platforms as possible.

Platforms known to run or ran QtInfo in some shape or form (see screenshots below), in reverse order of appearance:

  • (Windows Phone - Work in progress, waiting for Qt 5.3)
  • Android
  • SailfishOS
  • BlackberryOS 10
  • MeeGo (meego.com MeeGo)
  • MeeGo Harmattan 1.2
  • Symbian^3
  • MacOS X
  • Windows
  • Maemo 5
  • Linux

Qt 4.5 needs to be installed for the application to work. For a declarative UI, Qt 4.7 or better is needed. QtInfo has (preliminary) Qt5 support, but unlike the rest of the libraries, it is not runtime-detected yet (the plan is to have dual binaries eventually).

Currently displays (all the info is obtained at run-time, not compile-time):

  • Qt version
  • Mobility version
  • Installed Qt modules
  • Qt build and licensing info
  • Webkit version
  • SSL support
  • QtOpenGL support
  • Qt default paths used
  • Supported image formats
  • OS/Firmware version
  • Country and language as seen from Qt
  • Network (GSM/IP) interfaces and addresses
  • Available sensors
  • Qt Quick version, installed plugins and plugin import paths
  • Installed Qt Components (from packages com.nokia.symbian, qt.labs.components, qt.labs.components.native, etc)
  • Multimedia devices (input/output), supported codecs and containers
  • Installed fonts and respective languages
  • Hardware features available (BT, WiFi, USB, Vibra...)
  • Screen parameters
  • SQL drivers

Channels supported for relaying the info:

  • Clipboard
  • Pastebin
  • Email
  • File on mass-storage

Screenshots or it didn't happen:

Android Sailfish Blackberry10 Harmattan Symbian Maemo5 Random desktop, circa 1995 AD