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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Jan 13, 2020


  • Update MuteGPIO and AMP Values ALC255 layout-id 21 by Andres ZeroCross
  • Added ALC272 layout-id 21 for Lenovo All In One PC C440 by Andres ZeroCross
  • Conflict patches for NUC7 HDMI audio are deleted.
  • Added ALC285 layout-id 52 for Thinkpad P52 by liuyishengalan
  • Added Intel 400 series controller (Comet Lake) by fewtarius
  • Added 4 channel support and fixed mute button to ALC256 layout 97
  • Added ALC1220 layout-id 99 for MiBook 2019 by Dynamix1997
  • Added ALC262 layout-id 66 for MS-7847 by Dynamix1997
  • Added ALC269VC layout-id 47 for Hasee K790s by Dynamix1997
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