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Mac Platform Information
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Build Status

Various information about Mac hardware used by multiple projects, including OpenCore.

Current database status maintained by @Andrey1970AppleLife.


macserial is a tool that obtains and decodes Mac serial number and board identifier to provide more information about the production of your hardware. Works as a decent companion to Apple Check Coverage and Apple Specs portal. Check the format description for more details.

Should be built with a compiler supporting C99. Prebuilt binaries are available for macOS 10.4 and higher.

Run with -h argument to see all available arguments.

Improving database

To add a new hardware board, please create a file in DataBase directory, and then run ./ It should not output anything and return zero code.

To install PyYAML on macOS use the following commands:

curl -o
sudo -H python
sudo -H pip install pyyaml


  • All database maintainers, who continue to actualise data
  • AppleLife and VirtualSMC hardware dump databases
  • Chameleon and Clover teams for legacy Apple SMBIOS database
  • al3xjames for several hints and another database
  • CCC and for hiding their work and inspiring others to reverse it
  • Several guys from AppleLife for conducting relevant parts of the research, thanks a lot!
  • vit9696
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