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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Mar 1, 2021 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • Fixed ocvalidate return code to be non-zero when issues are found
  • Added OEM values to PlatformInfo in Automatic mode
  • Improved CPU frequency calculation on Haswell and earlier
  • Fixed issues when applying certain patches
  • Added SSN (and HW_SSN) variable support
  • Added onscreen early logging in DEBUG builds for legacy firmware
  • Added workaround for firmware not specifying DeviceHandle at bootstrap
  • Added support for R/O page tables in SetupVirtualMap quirk
  • Added OEM preservation for certain Apple SMBIOS tables
  • Fixed switching to graphics mode when entering OpenCanopy
  • Fixed installing Apple FB Info protocol when no GOP exists
  • Fixed abort timeout sound in OpenCanopy on key press
  • Added GopPassThrough option to support GOP protocol over UGA
  • Fixed CPU speed rounding for certain Xeon and Core 2 CPUs
  • Removed KeyMergeThreshold as it never functioned anyway
  • Added acdtinfo utility to lookup certain products
  • Fixed FSBFrequency calculation with fractional multiplier
  • Fixed showing core count for some AMD CPUs
  • Added ResetTrafficClass to reset TCSEL to T0 on legacy HDA
  • Fixed default boot entry selection without timeout for builtin picker
  • Added ocpasswordgen utility to generate OpenCore password data
  • Added ActivateHpetSupport quirk to activate HPET support
  • Fixed opencore-version reporting the incorrect version in rare cases
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Feb 2, 2021 · 133 commits to master since this release


  • Added keyboard and pointer entry scroll support in OpenCanopy
  • Added background image support in OpenCanopy
  • Fixed selector boot option choice in OpenCanopy
  • Relaxed selector dimensions for OpenCanopy
  • Added MaxBIOSVersion option to Generic
  • Fixed MLB verification feature in macrecovery
  • Replaced VBoxHfs driver with OpenHfsPlus
  • Added audio codec dumping to SysReport
  • Fixed compatibility with page protection for all binaries
  • Fixed crashes in OpenUsbKbDxe when handling unsupported devices
  • Removed HdaCodecDump application in favor of SysReport
  • Added SetApfsTrimTimeout to tune APFS trim command
  • Changed OpenCore.efi to application to improve FW compatibility
  • Added DisableSecurityPolicy UEFI quirk to workaround driver loading
  • Added support for ranged widget connections in AudioDxe
  • Fixed supplying non-RT SetVirtualAddressMap for non-macOS systems
  • Fixed using SystemUuid from DataHub in non-Automatic mode for SMBIOS
  • Dropped failsafe defaults from Generic to match non-Automatic mode
  • Replaced BootProtect with LauncherOption and LauncherPath
  • Added OpenPartitionDxe with Apple Partition Management scheme
  • Improved ocvalidate checks in Misc, NVRAM, and UEFI sections
  • Fixed multiple flaws in EFI image loading, APFS driver in particular
  • Fixed NVRAM system-id being accidentally stored in Little Endian format
  • Added UseRawUuidEncoding to choose SMBIOS UUID encoding style
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
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  • 0.6.5
  • e9325e4
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  • 0.6.5
  • e9325e4
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Jan 4, 2021 · 255 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed installing OpenDuet on protected volumes
  • Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202011
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Fixed macrecovery server protocol compatibility
  • Added basic audio assistant support in OpenCanopy
  • Added compiled ACPI samples to the package
  • Fixed timer resolution restoration at boot time
  • Fixed memory capacity when using custom SMBIOS memory config
  • Removed no longer required DeduplicateBootOrder quirk
  • Fixed macserial crashes when processing invalid serials
  • Fixed macserial issues when processing 2021 year serials
  • Added advanced error checking in ocvalidate utility
  • Added SetupDelay to configure audio setup delay
  • Reworked LogoutHook.command to support older macOS
  • Implemented MP3 audio decoding for audio assistant support
  • Added support for PickerVariant for more theme variants
  • Added OC_ATTR_HIDE_THEMED_ICONS PickerAttribute for Time Machine
  • Fixed OpenUsbKb compatibility with certain keyboards
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Dec 7, 2020 · 345 commits to master since this release


  • Added BlacklistAppleUpdate to fix macOS 11 broken update optout
  • Dropped HII services from OpenDuet improving size and performance
  • Fixed patching of injected kexts in mkext
  • Added support for launching from relative paths
  • Added direct path passing for tools via RealPath
  • Allowed launching tools and entries in text mode via TextMode
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Fixed ACPI patches not applying if tables are in locked memory
  • Fixed EnableSafeModeSlide on macOS 11
  • Added AllowRelocationBlock quirk for older macOS and safe mode
  • Fixed CPU frequency calculation on AMD 19h family
  • Updated recovery_urls
  • Fixed DisableSingleUser quirk when Apple Secure Boot is enabled
  • Added BootstrapShort to workaround buggy Insyde firmwares
  • Changed Bootstrap(Short) to choose dynamic entry (requires NVRAM reset)
  • Avoided Boot prefix in RequestBootVarRouting to workaround AMI issues
  • Added bootloader patch support in Booter Patch section
  • Fixed startup hang on firmwares allowong reentrance for timer functions
  • Made pointer control optional for OpenCanopy via PickerAttributes
  • Added support for StartupMute variable in PlayChime
  • Added support for per-volume icons for APFS on Preboot
  • Removed HII dependency from OpenUsbKbDxe driver
  • Fixed undefined behavior in OpenDuet causing random crashes and hangs

WARN: Upgrading to 0.6.4 may require additional steps when BootProtect is set to Bootstrap. For more details please refer to this instruction.

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  • 0.6.3
  • f152c95
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  • 0.6.3
  • f152c95
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Nov 2, 2020


  • Added support for xml comments in plist files
  • Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202008
  • Provide fallbacks for NULL memory SMBIOS strings
  • Fixed BOOTx64.efi and BOOTIA32.efi convention
  • Fixed SMBIOS handling with multiple memory arrays
  • Fixed memory array handle assignment on empty slots
  • Fixed CPUID patching on certain versions of macOS 10.4.10 and 10.4.11
  • Fixed incorrect core/thread counts on Pentium M processors
  • Added SSDT-UNC.dsl ACPI sample to resolve X99 issues, thx @RemB
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Increased slide allocation reserve to 200 MB for Big Sur beta 10
  • Fixed assert when trying to enable direct renderer on blit-only GOP
  • Added support for custom memory properties
  • Fixed intermittent 32-bit prelinking failures caused by improper Mach-O expansion
  • Fixed failures in cacheless injection dependency resolution
  • Fixed detection issues with older Atom CPUs
  • Fixed ScanPolicy NVMe handling on MacPro5,1
  • Fixed I/O issues on platforms incapable of reading over 1MB at once
  • Fixed plist-only kext injection in Big Sur
  • Add ForceResolution option for enabling non-default resolutions
  • Fixed Ps2MouseDxe not properly loading under OpenDuetPkg
  • Added workaround for read-only errors on some X299 boards
  • Added support for x86legacy Secure Boot model
  • Added missing Secure Boot NVRAM variables required by 11.0
  • Added setting of system-id NVRAM variable
  • Added ForceSecureBootScheme quirk for virtual machines
  • Fixed kernel and ACPI patches failing to replace last bytes of memory
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Oct 5, 2020


  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Added ProcessorType option to Generic allowing custom CPU names
  • Fixed UnblockFsConnect option not working with APFS JumpStart
  • Added IA32 binary variant to the release bundles
  • Fixed improper handling of cacheless kexts without an Info.plist
  • Fixed improper calculation of kext startup address for blocking
  • Added mkext 32-bit kext injection (10.4-10.6)
  • Added cacheless 32-bit kext injection (10.4-10.7)
  • Added 32-bit kernel/kext patching/blocking support
  • Fixed issues loading 10.7 EfiBoot
  • Added Type to ReservedMemory to fulfil hibernation hack needs
  • Added workaround to displaying Preboot instead of Macintosh HD
  • Added prelinkedkernel 32-bit kext injection (10.6-10.7)
  • Added SystemMemoryStatus to override memory replacement on some models
  • Added older Pentium CPU recognition in SMBIOS
  • Added ExtendBTFeatureFlags to properly set FeatureFlags for Bluetooth (which substitutes BT4LEContinuityFixup)
  • Added MinKernel/MaxKernel to CPUID emulation and DummyPowerManagement
  • Fixed -legacy not being added in KernelArch Auto mode
  • Fixed i386-user32 not forcing i386 on macOS 10.7 on X64 firmwares
  • Fixed i386-user32 being incorrectly enabled in macOS 10.4, 10.5, and 10.7
  • Disabled prelinked boot for macOS 10.4 and 10.5 in KernelCache Auto mode
  • Fixed macserial compatibility with iMac20,x serials and other models from 2020
  • Added LegacyCommpage quirk to improve pre-SSSE3 userspace compatibility
  • Fixed legacy SATA HDDs displaying as external drives in the picker
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Sep 7, 2020


  • Improved recognition of early pressed hotkeys, thx @varahash
  • Made DMG loading support configurable via DmgLoading
  • Added iMac20,1 and iMac20,2 model codes
  • Fixed display name for older Xeon CPUs like Xeon E5450
  • Added Comet Lake-LP HDA device code
  • Fixed OS boot selection on SATA controllers with legacy OPROMs
  • Fixed RSDP ACPI table checksum recalculation
  • Added immutablekernel loading support for 10.13+
  • Fixed solving some symbols to zero in 11.0 kext inject
  • Reduced OpenCanopy size by restricting boot management access
  • Added BuiltinText variant for TextRenderer for older laptops
  • Fixed SyncRuntimePermissions creating invalid MAT table
  • Added EFI FAT image loading support (macOS 10.8 and earlier)
  • Added 64-bit cacheless kext injection and patching support (macOS 10.9 and earlier)
  • Added 64-bit mkext kext injection and patching support (macOS 10.6 and earlier)
  • Fixed XNU hook matching non-kernel files
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Fixed patching of ACPI tables in low memory
  • Fixed macOS 11.0 DMG recovery loading without hotplug
  • Fixed XhciPortLimit quirk on 10.12.6 and possibly other versions
  • Fixed IncreasePciBarSize quirk on 10.11.5 and possibly other versions
  • Fixed LapicKernelPanic quirk on 10.8.5 and possibly other versions
  • Fixed hard-lock caused by EHCI SMI in OpenDuetPkg
  • Added preview UEFI Secure Boot compatibility
  • Added FuzzyMatch option to support fuzzy kernelcache matching on 10.6 and earlier
  • Added KernelArch option to specify architecture preference on older kernels
  • Added KernelCache option to specify kernel caching preference for older kernels
  • Added Force section to provide support for injecting drivers in older macOS
  • Changed kernel driver injection to happen prior to kernel driver patching
  • Added Arch filtering option to Add, Block, Force, and Patch sections
  • Added DisableLinkeditJettison quirk to workaround 11.0b5 kernel panics
  • Added debugging of missing fields in the configuration
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  • 0.6.0
  • 63898ce
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  • 0.6.0
  • 63898ce
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Aug 3, 2020


  • Fixed sound corruption with AudioDxe
  • Fixed icon choice for Apple FW update in OpenCanopy
  • Fixed APFS driver loading on Fusion Drive
  • Added Comet Lake HDA device code
  • Fixed audio stream position reporting on non-Intel platforms
  • Added Firmware mode to ResetSystem to reboot into preferences
  • Replaced BlacklistAppleUpdate with run-efi-updater NVRAM variable
  • Fixed reset value and detection in FadtEnableReset ACPI quirk
  • Fixed freezes during boot option expansion with PXE boot entries
  • Updated underlying EDK II package to edk2-stable202005
  • Added ProvideMaxSlide quirk to improve laptop stability, thx @zhen-zen
  • Fixed slide choice on platforms when 0 slide is unavailable, thx @zhen-zen
  • Fixed assertions caused by unaligned file path access in DEBUG builds
  • Renamed ConfigValidity utility to ocvalidate for consistency
  • Added GlobalConnect for APFS loading to workaround older firmware issues
  • Added 11.0 support for AvoidRuntimeDefrag Booter quirk
  • Fixed 11.0 lapic kernel quirk as of DP1
  • Improved boot selection scripts for macOS without NVRAM
  • Added UGA protocol compatibility in ProvideConsoleGop quirk
  • Added UgaPassThrough option to support UGA protocol over GOP
  • Added AppleFramebufferInfo protocol implementation and override
  • Fixed serial initialisation when file logging is disabled
  • Fixed FSBFrequency reporting on Meron and similar CPUs
  • Fixed incorrect volume icon dimension requirements in OpenCanopy
  • Added preview version of KernelCollection injection code
  • Fixed ACPI reset register detection in DxeIpl
  • Added MacBookPro16,4 model code
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Fixed OSXSAVE reporting when emulating CPUID on newer CPUs
  • Added SerialInit option to perform serial initialisation separately
  • Fixed OpenDuetPkg booting on Intel G33 with SATA controller in RAID mode
  • PlatformInfo Automatic for all models
  • Fixed 32-bit OpenDuetPkg booting on machines with over 4 GBs of RAM
  • Fixed delays with OpenDuetPkg booting with certain SATA controllers in IDE mode
  • Fixed display name for some high core count i9 CPUs like 7920X
  • Fixed SSDT-EC-USBX
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  • 0.5.9
  • 64396ae
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  • 0.5.9
  • 64396ae
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Jun 1, 2020


  • Added full HiDPI support in OpenCanopy
  • Improved OpenCanopy font rendering by using CoreText
  • Fixed light and custom background font rendering
  • Added Boot#### options support in boot entry listing
  • Removed HideSelf by pattern recognising BOOTx64.efi
  • Added BlacklistAppleUpdate to avoid Apple FW updates
  • Fixed accidental tool and NVRAM reset booting by default
  • Fixed unrecognised select entries
  • Changed NVRAM reset not to erase BootProtect boot options
  • Improved boot performance when picker UI is disabled
  • Enforced the use of builtin picker when external fails
  • Fixed warnings for empty NVRAM variables (e.g. rtc-blacklist)
  • Added ApplePanic to store panic logs on ESP root
  • Fixed ReconnectOnResChange reconnecting even without res change
  • Fixed OpenCanopy showing internal icons for external drives
  • Fixed OpenCanopy launching Shell with text over it
  • Added partial hotkey support to OpenCanopy (e.g. Ctrl+Enter)
  • Added builtin text renderer compatibility with Shell page mode
  • Fixed FadtEnableReset with too small FACP tables and some laptops
  • Fixed CPU detection crash with QEMU 5.0 and KVM accelerator
  • Removed RequestBootVarFallback due to numerous bugs
  • Added DeduplicateBootOrder UEFI quirk
  • Removed DirectGopCacheMode due to being ineffective
  • Fixed assertions on log exhaustion causing boot failures
  • Fixed builtin text renderer failing to provide ConsoleControl
  • Fixed compatibility with blit-only GOP (e.g. OVMF Bochs)
  • Fixed ignoring # in DeviceProperty and NVRAM Delete
  • Renamed Block to Delete in ACPI,DeviceProperties, and NVRAM
  • Added MacBookPro16,2 and MacBookPro16,3 model codes
  • Added PCI device scanning policy support (e.g. VIRTIO)
  • Improved playback performance in AudioDxe
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Added improved CPU type detection for newer CPU types
  • Added ConfigValidity utility and improved config validation
  • Added serial port initialisation for serial debug logging
  • Disabled empty debug log file creation to avoid ESP cluttering
  • Added TscSyncTimeout quirk to workaround debug kernel assertions
  • Added first-class Windows support to bless model
  • Fixed LapicKernelPanic kernel quirk on 10.9
  • Added prebuilt version of CrScreenshotDxe driver
  • Fixed Hyper-V frequency detection compatibility
  • Added SysReport option for DEBUG builds to dump system info
  • Fixed crashes on some AMD firmwares when performing keyboard input
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this May 4, 2020


  • Fixed invalid CPU object reference in SSDT-PLUG
  • Fixed incorrect utilities and resources packaging
  • Fixed Custom UpdateSMBIOSMode modifying SMBIOSv3 table
  • Updated docs to cover separating SMBIOS via UpdateSMBIOSMode
  • Fixed rendering macOS installer icons in OpenCanopy
  • Added APFS support with Fusion Drive and enhanced security
  • Added AppleEvent mouse support in OpenCanopy
  • Fixed AppleEvent and OpenCanopy compatibility with OVMF TPL restrictions
  • Added mouse drivers to the package as OVMF needs one
  • Added memory region reservation support
  • Added RtcRw tool to manipulate RTC memory
  • Added PatchAppleRtcChecksum kernel quirk
  • Added AppleRtcRam protocol implementation
  • Renamed Protocols to ProtocolOverrides for clarity
  • Added ResetSystem tool to allow shutdown/reset actions in the menu
  • Added experimental BootProtect Security option
  • Fixed kext injection in 10.8 installer
  • Added timeout support to OpenCanopy user interface
  • Fixed handling 24-bit screen resolutions
  • Added Ps2KeyboardDxe driver for DuetPkg
  • Updated BootInstall DuetPkg version (now opensource)
  • Added partial HiDPI support in OpenCanopy
  • Update builtin firmware
  • Fixed invalid checksum checks when creating vault (thx @dakanji)
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