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Releases: acidanthera/OpenCorePkg


05 Feb 14:31
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  • Updated OpenDuet to allow loading unsigned, unaligned legacy Apple images such as HfsPlusLegacy.efi
  • Fixed CPU frequency calculation on AMD 10h family
  • Swapped the position of Shutdown and Restart buttons to better match recent macOS
  • Added OC_ATTR_USE_REVERSED_UI to allow access to previous default Shutdown and Restart button arrangement
  • Fixed intro animation getting stuck in OpenCanopy if an entry which returns to menu is selected before animation ends
  • Modified OpenCanopy to require presence of label images only when used due to OC_ATTR_USE_GENERIC_LABEL_IMAGE
  • Provided OC_ATTR_REDUCE_MOTION to optionally disable non-required OpenCanopy menu animations
  • Modified NVRAM logout hook to handle XML entities in string vars
  • Fixed CPU frequency calculation on AMD 0Fh family
  • Added kext blocker Exclude strategy for mkext
  • Re-enabled AudioDxe failover to protocol GET mode for systems such as Acer E5 where it works when DisconnectHda doesn't
  • Added FirmwareSettingsEntry.efi driver which adds menu entry to reboot into UEFI firmware settings
  • Enabled use of picker shortcut keys which are read out in OpenCanopy when using PickerAudioAssist
  • Modified builtin picker so as not to respond to keys queued while audio assist menu is being read out
  • Fixed Linux EFI stub loading error when using OpenDuet since 0.8.8
  • Fixed APFS JumpStart with OpenDuet and SecureBootModel Disabled
  • Added TSC frequency calculation for xen hypervisor, thx @netanelc305
  • Supported additional early Nvidia UEFI VBIOS in EnableGop


11 Dec 16:02
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  • Updated recovery_urls.txt
  • Changed OpenDuet to enforce W^X settings rather than fixing them in loaded images
  • Updated FixupAppleEfiImages quirk to fix W^X errors in all non-Secure Boot Apple signed binaries
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Updated AppleEfiSignTool to work with new PE COFF loader
  • Fixed recovery failing to boot on some systems
  • Updated ProvideCurrentCpuInfo quirk to support CPUID leaf 0x2 cache size reporting on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6
  • Updated efidebug.tool to support new standard image format


06 Nov 13:52
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  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Fixed hang while generating boot entries on some systems
  • Added efidebug.tool support for 32-bit on 32-bit using GDB or LLDB
  • Fixed potential incorrect values in kernel image capabilities calculation
  • Added FixupAppleEfiImages quirk to allow booting Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 boot.efi images on modern secure image loaders


11 Sep 12:17
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  • Fixed GUID formatting for legacy NVRAM saving
  • Fixed inability to open files in root directory on an NTFS filesystem
  • Fixed hang while unloading NTFS driver
  • Added UEFI quirk ShimRetainProtocol, allowing OpenCore chained from shim to verify Linux using shim's certificates
  • Added OpenLegacyBoot driver for supporting legacy OS booting
  • Added shim-make.tool to download and build rhboot/shim, for Linux SBAT and MOK integration


07 Aug 13:00
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  • Fixed kext blocker Exclude strategy for prelinked on 32-bit versions of macOS
  • Fixed ForceAquantiaEthernet quirk on macOS 14 beta 2, thx @SHikumo
  • Added InstanceIdentifier to OpenCore and option to target .contentVisibility to specific instances (thx @dakanji)
  • Improved LapicKernelPanic quirk on legacy versions of macOS
  • Allowed .contentVisibility in same boot FS root locations as .VolumeIcon.icns, in order to survive macOS updates
  • Fixed incorrect core count on Silvermont Atom/Celeron processors
  • Fixed PM timer detection on Silvermont Atom/Celeron processors for TSC calculations
  • Fixed PM timer detection on non-Intel chipsets when booted through OpenDuet
  • Fixed FadtEnableReset on NVIDIA nForce chipset platforms
  • Added BlockIoDxe alternative OpenDuet variant
  • Added support for ATI cards when using ForceResolution option


12 Jun 15:06
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  • Added --force-codec option to AudioDxe, thx @xCuri0
  • Downgraded additional warning message in normal operation of emulated NVRAM to info
  • Disabled not present DVL0 device in SSDT-SBUS-MCHC by default, thx @stevezhengshiqi
  • Added EFI mandated box drawing, block element and arrow characters to Builtin renderer console font
  • Improved support for overlong menu entries and very narrow console modes in builtin picker
  • Made Builtin text renderer ignore UI Scale, when required to ensure that text mode reaches minimum UEFI supported size of 80x25
  • Added save and restore of text and graphics mode round tools and failed boot entries
  • Updated out-of-range cursor handling to work round minor display issue in memtest86
  • Added optional --enable-mouse-click argument to CrScreenshotDxe driver to additionally respond on mouse click
  • Added --use-conn-none option to AudioDxe driver to discover additional usable output channels on some systems
  • Added PciIo protocol override used to fix Aptio IV compatiblity with Above 4G BARs, thx @xCuri0
  • Fixed AppleXcpmForceBoost quirk on macOS 14
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Added ConsoleFont option to load custom console font for Builtin renderer
  • Improved XhciPortLimit quirk on macOS 11 to 14


08 May 15:16
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  • Added DisableIoMapperMapping quirk, thx @CaseySJ
  • Fixed disabling single user mode when Apple Secure Boot is enabled
  • Improved guard checks for GopBurstMode on systems where it's not needed
  • Improved compatibility of GopBurstMode with some very non-standard GOP implementations
  • Fixed possible hang with GopBurstMode enabled on DEBUG builds
  • Enabled GopBurstMode even with natively supported cards, in EnableGop firmware driver
  • Fixed inability to patch force-injected kexts
  • Fixed ExternalDiskIcons quirk on macOS 13.3+, thx @fusion71au
  • Fixed various recent reversions and some longer-standing minor bugs in Builtin text renderer
  • Applied some additional minor optimizations to Builtin text renderer
  • Implemented InitialMode option to allow fine control over text renderer operating mode
  • Added support for ConsoleMode text resolution setting to Builtin renderer
  • Fixed regression for ACPI quirks RebaseRegions and SyncTableIds
  • Updated build process to provide stable and bleeding-edge versions of EnableGop
  • Implemented minor improvements in PickerMode Apple
  • Improved filtering algorithm for LogModules and added ? filter for matching non-standard log lines
  • Fixed crash when gathering system report on virtualised CPUs
  • Fixed unnecessary warning when first booting with emulated NVRAM
  • Enabled AppleCpuPmCfgLock quirk on macOS 13


03 Apr 15:33
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  • Fixed long comment printing for ACPI patches, thx @corpnewt
  • Added sample config for VS Code source level debugging with gdb
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Added GOP memory caching report to SysReport
  • Implemented GopBurstMode quirk for faster GOP operation on older firmware
  • Fixed ThirdPartyDrives quirk on macOS 13.3 and above


06 Mar 13:38
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  • Resolved issues with verbose boot log appearing over picker graphics
  • Added version number to EnableGop UI section, so tool builders can track it
  • Added ProvideCurrentCpuInfo support for macOS 13.3 DP
  • Added AMD support, GOP offset auto-detection and macOS 10.11+ support to EnableGop vBIOS insertion script
  • Included precompiled EDK-II EfiRom and GenFfs in Utilities/BaseTools with OpenCore releases


14 Feb 10:31
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  • Improved debug logging when applying ACPI patches
  • Fixed loading macOS with legacy boot without Apple Secure Boot
  • Added Linux support to legacy boot BootInstall script
  • Updated builtin firmware versions for SMBIOS and the rest
  • Fixed incomplete console mode initialisation when started in graphics mode
  • Provided additional UEFI forge mode, for use in firmware drivers
  • Implemented firmware driver enabling pre-OpenCore graphics on non-natively supported GPUs on EFI-era Macs
  • Prevented unwanted clear screen to console background colour when in graphics mode
  • Added ResizeUsePciRbIo quirk to workaround broken PciIo on some UEFI firmwares, thx @xCuri0
  • Fixed crash while using SysReport on older Atom systems
  • Fixed kexts without a Contents folder not being patched during a cacheless boot
  • Added read-only sections (.rdata) to all drivers for better memory protection when supported
  • Fixed crash while using SysReport on systems with non-audio HDA codecs
  • Fixed debug script support for GDB and LLDB
  • Fixed legacy boot debug builds asserting on macOS loading