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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Jan 13, 2020


  • Enabled CoreLSKD streaming patches by default for AMD hardware DRM on Ivy Bridge
  • Repurposed 64 bit for FP 2.x streaming hardware accelerated streaming patches (can be used as shikigva=80)
  • Fixed accelerator name update logic for X4xxx kexts
  • Fixed Verde IOGVACodec injection to make hardware video decoder work
  • Enable software TV+ decoding on all CPUs without IGPU (shikigva=256)
  • Added HEVC capabilities to AMD6 decoders for all GPUs (disabled by -radnogva or disable-gva-support)
  • Added HW decoder device-id spoofing via -radcodec boot-arg, by @osy86
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