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Pion Core Platform
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Pull request Compare This branch is 17 commits ahead of ravidontharaju:develop.
Latest commit bde8567 Jul 10, 2012 @mikedickey mikedickey PION-1051: update to boost.filesystem v3
The getpagesize() bug I ran into in PythonReactor.cpp appears to be
fixed in the more recent python toolkits available on OSX, so I
removed the hack previously committed.

Synced-up both XCode and autoconf projects so that they both use
python 2.7 on Mac OS X
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common PION-1051: support for boost.filesystem v3 and boost 1.50 Jul 10, 2012
pion-core.xcodeproj PION-1051: update to boost.filesystem v3 Jul 10, 2012
sqlite Jul 8, 2011
.gitignore PION-1209: Update XCode projects Jun 18, 2012
AUTHORS Updated AUTHORS (testing svn move) Jul 5, 2009
COPYING Merged the "Pion Reactor Library" into the "Pion Platform Library" Jan 1, 2008
ChangeLog Updated ChangeLog for 4.0.13 release Jun 29, 2012 Updates to make things with in git Mar 24, 2012
NEWS Updated version to 0.5.4 for release build Mar 7, 2008
README Changes required to get pion-private working again Mar 27, 2012
TODO Some minor fixes so that things work properly on rhel5 Mar 7, 2008 Merge branch '4.0.x' into develop Mar 24, 2012
pion-core.vpj Added Slickedit project for pion-core (WIP) Jun 13, 2012
pion-platform-64.aip.tmpl Nov 7, 2011
pion-platform.aip.tmpl Added PION_HAVE_JSON to cflags passed upstream Sep 30, 2011


Pion Core

Pion Core is a development platform for Complex Event Processing (CEP).

Home page:

Getting Started

Pion Core Platform requires several third party libraries that are not included
within this distribution.  Detailed build instructions are available for all
of the platforms supported within the "common/doc" subdirectory
(README.platform).  Please read these instructions first.

Build and installation summary for Unix platforms:

	# ./        (not required if using a source code tarball)
	# ./configure         (run ./configure --help to see available options)
	# make all            (builds everything except the unit tests)
	# make check	      (builds and run the unit tests)
	# make docs           (builds the Doxygen source documentation)
	# make install        (may require superuser/Administrator privileges)


Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Cloudmeter, Inc.

Pion Core Platform is published under the GNU Affero General Public License.
See COPYING for licensing information.  Alternative commercial licenses are
also available through Cloudmeter, Inc. (

Please note that the "Pion Common Library" and the "Pion Network Library" are 
included in the "common" and "net" subdirectories.  These two libraries are 
published under the Boost Software License.
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