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A platform for user-friendly hackathon event management.

Commitizen friendly

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Features Summary

  • Fully customizable front end
  • Sign in with email/ Google
  • Hacker registration
  • Images, challenges, sponsors, FAQ and more fetched from backend
  • Push notifications
  • Spotlight carousel highlighting ongoing events
  • QR code check in and swag claims
  • Report submission/ Ask a question
  • Built-in and easy to set up schedule
  • Hacker, Admin, and Super Admin roles
  • Admin console to send announcement, update user roles, show number of check-ins, swag claims
  • And more!

Setting up HackPortal for a Hackathon

If you are using HackPortal for your event, please add yourself to this list. It only takes a moment and shows us our software is helping real organizations.

Follow the instructions in the set-up docs to set up HackPortal for your hackathon.

Making Changes

Want to contribute? Follow the instructions in the contributor docs to see contributing guidelines.

HackPortal Contributors

HackPortal would not be possible without these people.