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The Association for Computing Machinery at UTD

Building a better computing community at UT Dallas, one commit at a time.


Hi, nice to see you here! Welcome to the Association for Computing Machinery! 👋

First time?

If this is your first time here then here's a quick TL;DR of what to expect on our GitHub

  • All ACM Development Projects!

This includes many popular projects including the member portal, hackportal, UTD Grades and the Leadership Project!

  • Opportunities to contribute!

ACM Development is always open to providing everyone with an opportunity to grow your skills, contribute to cool projects and try out something new! Check out our repositories to find open issues & shoot us an email or discord message if you need some starter tips!

  • Cool Tech Stacks & Innovation all around!

We love to build cool things at ACM Development. We're always playing around with new tech stacks, popular frameworks & trending design patterns. If you're looking to just browse some code or bounce some ideas with our developers we'd love to hear from you!


Sometimes you may have additional questions. If the answer was not found in this readme please feel free to reach out to the Director of Development for ACM

We request that you be as detailed as possible in your questions, doubts, or concerns to ensure that we can be of maximum assistance. Thank you!

ACM Development


  1. portal Public

    Check out the ACM Portal which handles event attendance, applications and lets you engage more with ACM!

    TypeScript 2

  2. The official ACM Core API for the Association for Computing Machinery at UT Dallas. Centralized backend for all services offered.

    TypeScript 3 1

  3. hackportal Public template

    A platform for hackathon event management.

    TypeScript 17 14

  4. The world's leading international computing society, now UTD's leading computing student organization.

    Less 2 10

  5. A tool for matching mentors with mentees


  6. acm-bot Public

    🤖 | A Discord automated bot for the official ACM Community server.

    TypeScript 6 4


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