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This directory contains the LaTeX source files for the ACSL and ACSL++ reference manuals. ACSL stands for ANSI/ISO C Specification Language and is meant to formally specify the intended behavior of C programs, in particular through the usage of function contracts. ACSL++ is the corresponding language for C++. ACSL and ACSL++ are used by the Frama-C platform ( that unifies a set of C/C++ analysis tools.

Releases of the ACSL/ACSL++ manual are available here. Older versions are also available on Frama-C's website


In order to generate a pdf version of the manual, you will need the following:

  • a TeX distribution (e.g. TeXlive), including metapost
  • latexmk
  • ocaml

then, typing make acsl.pdf or make acslpp.pdf should produce the acsl.pdf and acslpp.pdf documents, respectively.

It is also possible, for both documents, to activate a draft mode that will show some comments about possible extensions and enhancements. To do that, use make DRAFT=yes acsl.pdf or make DRAFT=yes acslpp.pdf

Frama-C's implementation notes

If this directory is located inside the doc directory of a Frama-C distribution, it is possible to also generate implementation notes manuals (for both ACSL and ACSL++) indicating the level of support of each feature inside the tool, and perform various consistency checks. Use the make all command for that.

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