An emacs minor mode that helps manage buffers by assigning them cats (short for categories)
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Cat Mode 🐈

Doesn't work with emacs 26, and really wasn't terribly well written anyway. I wouldn't suggest using it anymore, although I hope to rewrite it someday.


Introducing cat-mode! Cat-mode is a mode that helps manage buffers by assigning them cats (short for catagories). It behaves a little bit like persp-mode and perspective.


  • Every buffer has exactly one cat, which is inherited from the previous buffer (the one it was created in)
  • Every frame has a unique initial cat
    • This is really the useful part (for me, anyway), as it allows me to delete old groups of buffers from other projects that were open in separate buffers
  • Good ibuffer support
  • Probably not terribly well written!
  • Cats! (Does not include any actual cats)

Future Features (If I, or someone else, ever gets around to them)

  • Being less poorly written
  • Setting cats by projectile projects
  • A function to run functions (such as switch-buffer) with only the buffers in a cat

Differences From Persp-mode/Perspective

  • Cats are stored buffer-local, which has some advantages and disadvantages
    • Every buffer has exactly one cat
    • Cats are persistent across frames
  • Doesn't do window saving/restoring


To install, just load the file. If using quelpa, use this recipe: cat-mode :fetcher github :repo "ad1217/emacs-cat-mode". Load with (cat-mode 1). Use M-x customize-group RET cat-mode RET to customize. Ibuffer usage is highly recommended. Turning on ibuffer-auto-mode is also recommended.


  • cat-set: Sets the current buffer's cat
  • cat-set-ibuffer: Like cat-set, but operates on all marked buffers in ibuffer
  • kill-cat: Kills all buffers in cat