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Indicates if the current website has been breached in the past. Uses
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Breached is a browser extension that lets you know when you're visiting a site that has been pwned in the past. You can click the button to find out more about those breaches.

Breached uses Have I Been Pwned to learn about breaches. No information about the sites you visit is sent anywhere -- all checks are local.


Chrome Web Store

Firefox Add-ons


Browser toolbar button indicates if the site has breaches. Clicking on it shows details.

screenshot of popup

A notification will be shown when a breached site is visited. Don't worry, it'll only be shown once for each site.

screenshot of notification


  • Domain mapping. Like, should be considered the same as when looking for breaches.


Troy Hunt and Have I Been Pwned, of course.

Icon made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY.


MIT License: or see the LICENSE file.

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