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PowerShell wrapper around Python for .NET to invoke Python from PowerShell
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PowerShell wrapper around Python for .NET to invoke Python from PowerShell

Install snek

Install-Module snek


  • Python v2.7, v3.5, v3.6, or v3.7 (defaults to python 3.7)


  • Use-Python
  • Invoke-Python
  • Import-PythonRuntime
  • Import-PythonModule
  • Install-PythonModule
  • Uninstall-PythonModule
  • Use-PythonScope
  • Set-PythonVariable

Invoke Python Code (v3.7)

Use-Python { 
    Invoke-Python -Code "print('hi!')" 

Invoke Python Code (v2.7)

PS > Use-Python { 
    Invoke-Python -Code "print('hi!')" 
} -Version v2.7

Returning A Value from Python to PowerShell

Due to the use of dynamic the type must be cast to the expected type so you need to specify the -ReturnType parameter to do so.

Use-Python {
    Invoke-Python "'Hello'" -ReturnType ([String])

Imports the numpy Python module and does some math

Access methods of modules directly!

Use-Python {
    $np = Import-PythonModule "numpy"
    [float]$np.cos($np.pi * 2)

    [float]($np.cos(5) + $np.sin(5))
} -Version v3.7



Manage pip

Format is Install-PythonModule <package>

Install-PythonModule requests

Or similarly:

Uninstall-PythonModule requests

Using Scopes

You can use Python scopes to string together multiple Invoke-Python calls or to pass in variables from PowerShell.

Use-Python {
    Use-PythonScope {
        Invoke-Python -Code "import sys" 
        Invoke-Python -Code "sys.version" -ReturnType ([string]) 

Passing a .NET Object to Python

class Person {

Use-Python {
    Use-PythonScope {
        $Person = [Person]::new()
        $Person.FirstName = "Adam"
        $Person.LastName = "Driscoll"
        Set-PythonVariable -Name "person" -Value $Person

        Invoke-Python -Code "person.FirstName + ' ' + person.LastName" -ReturnType ([string])
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