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Kickstart is a modern front-end CSS library for clean HTML and fast performance.

Codeship Status for adamjgrant/kickstart

Code Climate

Quickstart with Gulp

Clone the repository and run make setup in the directory created. This is only required when starting the project.

Run gulp to again build and watch the project. A browser tab should open in your default browser automatically when ready. You'll also get an external URL you can use on other devices.

Alternatively, run gulp build to build the project without watching or creating a server.

Going further

If when running the gulp command, node warns you a module is missing, a dependency probably wasn't installed. It may be enough to run npm install again to catch the missing dependency. In some cases, this problem can be solved by deleting the node_modules directory and running npm install again.

Javascript assets

JavaScript assets can be written as modules in lib/coffee. Add each module to in this same directory to output a single, minified JavaScript file with Kickstart.js included.

CSS assets

A style.sass should currently exist in lib/sass. Use this to write your styles, importing any other sass files you create along the way. To change themes, simply change the theme import at the top of the file.

Building and Kickstart core


Directions are similar to the above, however, you should run gulp watch:docs exclusively for docs creation. This will output to /docs instead of /public.

Alternatively, run gulp build:docs to build without watching.

Rails gem and Node.js package

To build gem/package, run make build-all. This will automatically fire up gulp to compile files, bump version numbers, and deploy to NPM/ respectively.


  • Deployed with CodeShip
  • master deploys to
  • stage deploys to


Kickstart is a CSS library designed for modularity and fast page performance




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