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…t a wxLogNull instance in order to prevent annoying run-time debug error messages when a wxSetWorkingDirectory() call returns FALSE.

Set the release version number in various source, xml and docs files including Adapt_It.h to 6.10.3 with tentative release date of 9 April 2021. Ran the CallAllBatchSetups.bat batch file to update the staging folders and the ChangeLog file.
Tweaked the Inno Setup scripts and the About dialog version to 6.10.3 and copyright date to 2021.
Tweaked the Unicode Release's Post-Build Event to copy the Adapt_It_Unicode.exe executable to the temporary developer's staging folders for use by the Inno Setup scripts for inclusion in the 3 Windows installers (the lines that copied the executable to those 3 staging folders got lost at some point in a recent modification of the Unicode Release's Post-Build Events.
Updated the po and mo files with Poedit's scanning of source file translatable strings.

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Adapt It

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Adapt It is an easy-to-use application that helps users translate or adapt source text documents into target or translated text. This process depends on the knowledge of the human translator in understanding both languages. In linguistics jargon, Adapt It is a Machine Assisted Human Translation (MAHT) editor.

Main screen

Adapt It maintains a translation memory called a Knowledge Base which stores previously-entered word and phrase adaptations that can be automatically inserted into the target text, thus speeding the translation process. Adapt It uses plain text (txt) files for input and expects the use of Unified Standard Format Markers (USFM) in the input file. The translated text can be exported to several formats -- USFM, Rich Text (rtf), HTML, or -- on Windows and Linux -- mobile formats such as .epub via the SIL Pathway program.

Export Options

Adapt It is written in C++ and utilizes the wxWidgets cross-platform library. Supported platforms include Windows, OS X and Linux variants.

Contributing to the Project

For those wanting to contribute to this project, check out the wiki pages. If you're a coder, tester, interface designer, technical writer, or would like to localize Adapt It to your language, we'd love to talk!


Adapt It is a free open source tool for quickly translating between related languages. We seek to create, as a community, an adaptation tool that will run on all major platforms and facilitate translation of USFM text, and support collaboration between other translation tools such as UBS Paratext and Bibledit.