Complete designs for a completely custom built Laser-SLA 3D printer. My own Mechanical Designs, Firmware, and Software.
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This repo contains all code I use to build a Laser-scanning SLA 3D printer. This is a complicated and fun ongoing project! I will add more documentation on this project soon, so keep checking in or send me a message!

The main components are:

  • physical_part_designs - The mechanics and design are done in openscad. One can build all plastic parts on any standard FFM printer.
  • firmware - The Firmware fits on an Arduino UNO. I'm using some peripheral hardware not well explained here. (DACs + Laser Galvanometer Drivers from Ebay, Pololu Stepper Drivers, diy ttl laser power source). I'll eventually document this.
  • node_frontend - The software that interfaces with this hardware runs on node.js. A node.js app reads gcode (such as that output by Slic3r) and then sends it to the printer via Serial port.