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Cheesy Movies

The hipster’s movie app!


  • Shows recently-released movies that are not too popular.
  • Search for unpopular movies by genre or release year.
  • Movies are shown in the cheesiness order (i.e. lower-voted movies goes higher in the list).
  • Play movie trailer (if available).
  • Share the movie’s web page to social media, e-mail, or other apps.
  • Supports the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro (also iPod touch too).

Cheesy Movies Screenshot

Get it on the App Store.


  • iOS 9.3
  • Xcode 8.1
  • Internet connection

Not mandatory but good to have

Getting started

  1. Open workspace BadFlix.xcworkspace (not the project file since this relies on Cocoapods).
  2. Press the Play button in Xcode to build and run for the Simulator.
  3. Enjoy those cheesy movies!

Folder Structure

  • BadFlix – Main app sources.
  • doc/screenshots – Screenshots taken from the iOS Simulator.
  • assets – original files for the icon and button glyphs.
  • Pods – Cocoapods-managed sources.

Terms of Use

Copyright(C) 2016 Sasmito Adibowo. Licensed under GPL v3 – see for details.

If you are in a job interview and the company request you to do a new unpaid project as part of the hiring process, feel free to plagiarize this project — remove my name from the source files and submit them "as is" without further modification. For any other uses, the GPL license applies. Please send me a postcard if you get hired because of my work.

Why am I encouraging plagiarism? Mainly because I feel that companies that requests "free work" as part of an interview process are engaging in unethical behavior. They show a lack of respect of your time and devalue programmers in general. This practice has reduced the value of artists, musicians, designers, and now the same is coming to software engineers. I feel that it's about time we push back.

Original Assignment Description

Here we've giving you the opportunity to showcase your talents, both creative and technical, and have some fun! Everyone loves movies, and sometimes we even love BAD movies, "Snakes on a Plane" anyone? So, using the openly available APIs (OMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, etc), create an app that:

  • Allows the user to search by genre (action, romantic, etc) and year released
  • Based on the search criteria will return a sortable list of the 10 WORST movies: sortable by rating.
  • The user can then select a movie and the app will reveal more info about this cinematic travesty: plot, actors, etc

Our objectives with this test are 4-fold: Evaluate your technical ability, problem solving approach, ability to deliver a user-friendly system, and how you work with version control systems. Rules of the evaluation: (serious stuff)

  • you have 48 hours to complete the test
  • Please create and upload this into a GitHub repository. Please use atomic commits so we can see the blocks of function created.
  • This app doesn't have to be perfect. There's not enough time to crush every bug. What more important it the main "happy path"

This is an opportunity to show off; let's see you skills in using caches, animations, new features, you name it. Bonus points for embedding a trailer!

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