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Don't force antialiasing or SPAA one way or the other in NSTextView+T…

…UIExtensions -- let the running OS use its defaults.

This enables SPAA on Mountain Lion, and _should_ disable it on Lion (the latter is untested, though).
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1 parent ac2e9d3 commit 1f83f00787bf5fbf5705b545d422837ff857a936 @jspahrsummers jspahrsummers committed Jul 26, 2012
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  1. +0 −8 lib/Support/NSTextView+TUIExtensions.m
@@ -18,14 +18,6 @@ static void fixedDrawRect (NSTextView *self, SEL _cmd, NSRect rect) {
CGContextSetAllowsFontSubpixelPositioning(context, YES);
CGContextSetAllowsFontSubpixelQuantization(context, YES);
- CGContextSetShouldAntialias(context, YES);
- // TODO: SPAA seems to stop working when text fields and text views lose
- // focus, so it's disabled for now.
- CGContextSetShouldSmoothFonts(context, NO);
- CGContextSetShouldSubpixelPositionFonts(context, NO);
- CGContextSetShouldSubpixelQuantizeFonts(context, NO);
// NSTextView likes to fall on non-integral points sometimes -- fix that
if ([self.superview respondsToSelector:@selector(backingAlignedRect:options:)]) {
self.frame = [self.superview backingAlignedRect:self.frame options:NSAlignAllEdgesNearest];

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