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This is a prototype eclipse for Byteman based on MSc project work performed by Rebecca Simmonds at Newcastle University. It is not a completed work. However, it does provide some important elements which are needed to produce a full working plugin, in particular

a complete grammar for the Byteman rule language

a validator class which spots the few errors not caught by the syntax

byteman rule template generator

syntax highlighting

content assistance including auto completion for CLASS and METHOD clauses and for various rule expression elements

prototype Byteman properties configuration sheet

Eclipse Configuration

In order to build and use the plugin you will need to ensure that your eclipse environment includes JDT, EMF, PLugin Development and XText support. n.b. the easiest way to install XText is to install the Eclipse marketplace client and then pull XText in form the marketplace dialogue.

Building the Plugin

The plugin uses code autogenerated by XText from the Byteman grammar in file


The plugin should be able to build as is using the current auto-generated sources. To run it select the org.jboss.byteman.eclipse.Byteman component and then Run As Eclipse Application

If you need to tweak the Byteman grammar then you will have to regenerate the auto-generated sources before rebuilding. To do this select file


and then Run As MWE2 Workflow

After the workflow has regenerated the sources using the new grammar build and run the plugin as described above.