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Admin Showcase

1. Demo

Showcase is available on Openshift here.

The demo runs on the Openshift starter which is a platform used just for testing and not for production. So it’s likely the showcase may be slow or even down.

2. Running locally

There are several ways to run Admin Showcase on your machine. Just clone this repository and use one of the alternatives described below.

2.1. Using an application server

Admin Showcase is compatible with most JavaEE 6 and Java EE 8 application servers.

Just build the application with maven using mvn clean package -DskipTests and deploy the resulting showcase.war into a JavaEE 6 or greater server.

No configuration is needed.

Following is the list of tested servers:

Supported Application Servers

This application is compatible with Java EE 6/7/8 application servers, tested with:

To run on JavaEE 8 application servers such as Wildfly 16 you’ĺl need to upgrade OmniFaces to version 3.x.

2.2. WildFly Swarm

This showcase is Wildfly Swarm compatible, just run the following command:

mvn wildfly-swarm:run  -Pswarm

2.3. Docker

You can run this showcase via docker through the following command:

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 rmpestano/admin-showcase
use to easily run the application via docker.

3. Testing

To execute functional tests you need to activate the tests profile and choose the application server also using a maven profile, ex:

mvn clean package -P tests -P wildfly8-managed

By default tests run on chrome, to change the webdriver you need to use the property browser:

mvn test -Ptomee-remote -Dbrowser=phantomjs
See the chrome driver version the tests are using here and update your chrome browser according to this page. (pay attention to the supports chrome label).

4. Documentation

Documentation can be found here:

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