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Adobe AEM - Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration


This project has a number features to integrate Adobe AEM with Salesforce Commerce platform.


The project consists of 5 packages:

  • cq-commerce-demandware-content containing the core integration
  • cq-commerce-demandware-base-config providing the sample OSGI configurations.
  • cq-commerce-demandware-sample-content providing the sample content based on the Salesforce Commerce SiteGenesis demo site
  • cq-commerce-demandware-multi-sample-content providing the sample content with support of multiple SFCC instances
  • cq-commerce-demandware-clean-up-content uninstalling all the sample content from AEM instance (single and multiple SFCC samples)

Note: Base Config module will be automatically installed with installSampleContent and installMultiSampleContent profiles, as it is required for sample content to work.


  • Create, maintain and publish AEM pages as content assets on the Salesforce Commerce instance
    • Body content is created out of AEM page content
    • Control meta attributes of the content asset directly from AEM page properties
    • Supports MSM to manage multi-site / multi-region / multi-language setup's
  • Create, maintain and publish Salesforce Commerce content slot configuration's from within AEM
  • Publish AEM pages as Salesforce Commerce rendering templates (using Velocity markup)
  • Publish AEM assets to Salesforce Commerce
  • Live preview of AEM page content with dynamic catalog and product information
  • Connects to Salesforce Commerce via OCAPI and WebDav
  • Supports connection to multiple Salesforce Commerce instances

For a general feature overview and introduction check out the intro video.


This project supports AEM 6.4 and later versions and requires access to an Salesforce Commerce instance (developer sandbox will work). For support oof previous AEM versions see Adobe AEM documentation.

  • Start AEM 6.4.5 author instance
  • Install the main connector content package cq-commerce-demandware-content
  • Optionally install one of the sample content packages cq-commerce-demandware-sample-content or cq-commerce-demandware-multi-sample-content
  • Configure the connector to connect to your Saleforce Commerce instance as described in the project wiki.


The project has the following requirements:

  • Java SE Development Kit 8
  • Apache Maven 3.3.1 or newer

For ease of build and installation the following profiles are provided:

  • autoInstallPackage - installs the package and embedded bundles to an existing AEM author instance
  • installSampleContent - installs the package with a sample project configured to 1 SFCC instance
  • installMultiSampleContent - installs the package with 2 sample projects and configurations for 2 SFCC instances
  • cleanUpSampleContent - deletes all sample content from AEM instance
  • installBaseConfig - install sample OSGI configs


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.


Adobe AEM Commerce - Salesforce Commerce integration




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