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Unity Cubic Bézier Curve

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Unity Cubic Bézier Curve is a project used to demonstrate a 3D bézier curve in Unity using line renderers.

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Adrian Miasik

License: GPL-3.0

Contributor(s): -
Want to help? If you're interested in contributing to the project, please send me a message / reach out:

Author Notes

Fun fact: This project inspired me to create unity-shaders

Bulk Logic

        /// <summary>
        /// Returns a 3D position on the provided cubic bezier curve at a specific time (0-1)
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="_p0">Start Anchor</param>
        /// <param name="_p1">Start Handle (tangent)</param>
        /// <param name="_p2">End Handle (tangent)</param>
        /// <param name="_p3">End Anchor</param>
        /// <param name="_time">A number between 0-1. 0 representing P0 and 1 representing P3</param>
        public static Vector3 GetPointOnCubicBezierCurve(Vector3 _p0, Vector3 _p1, Vector3 _p2, Vector3 _p3, float _time)
            float _term = 1 - _time;
            float _termSquared = _term * _term;
            float _timeSquared = _time * _time;
            float _termCubed = _termSquared * _term;
            float _timeCubed = _timeSquared * _time;
            // Formula Source:
            return _p0 * _termCubed + 
                   _p1 * (3 * _termSquared * _time) +
                   _p2 * (3 * _timeSquared * _term) +
                   _p3 * _timeCubed;