HelloIoT is a MQTT and IKEA Tradfri dashboard application.
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HelloIoT is a MQTT and IKEA Tradfri dashboard application. You can use HelloIoT as a MQTT and IKEA Tradfri client application to publish and subscribe to topics or you can use HelloIoT as a client platform to create your own dashboard. HelloIoT is a Java multiplatform application and it can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux or Android.


Getting started

Install and execute HelloIoT

To run HelloIoT just download and install the appropiate release file:

Installing HelloIoT

Install a MQTT Broker

To run HelloIoT you need to install a MQTT broker or you can use a public MQTT broker. Public MQTT brokers can be good for testing or prototyping purposes.

HelloIoT is developed and tested using Mosquitto but it will also work with other MQTT Brokers like HiveMQ, EMQTT, Moquette... There is a list of MQTT brokers in the MQTT Community Wiki, you can choose the broker that better fits your needs.

Install Java

You need to install the Java SE 8 JDK or later version, not the JRE, or the OpenJDK 8 or later.

Execute HelloIoT from sources

Download the latests binaries from Releases, uncompress to a folder and execute. By default HelloIoT is configured to be connected to a MQTT broker installed locally, listening on port 1883, with no security configured. The standard installation of the Mosquitto broker will work. In the 'bin' folder there is 'helloiot' script for MacOS and Linux and a 'helloiot.bat' script for Windows.

cd bin

If you prefer to run HelloIoT from sources clone the repository, build and execute.

git clone https://github.com/adrianromero/helloiot
cd ./helloiot
./gradlew run

Other MQTT tools

In the MQTT Community Wiki, you can find a list of client applications and tools. My favorites are:

  • MQTT.fx by Jens Deters and created with JavaFX.
  • mqtt-spy by Kamil Baczkowicz and also created with JavaFX.



HelloIoT is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3, 29 June 2007