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JavaFX is an open source, next generation client application platform for desktop, mobile and embedded systems built with Java. It is offered as a cross-platform Java library and it delivers consistent graphical user interfaces across a wide range of operating systems and devices. Applications developed with JavaFX can be run on devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and more.

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teertinker commented Sep 12, 2020

Ubuntu 20.04, JabRef 5.1
The following image shows the dialog to customize entry types. I want to delete the entry "Patent" because I never use it. I click on the trash icon. "Patent" disappears. I accept changes. I open the entry type dialog again.

"Patent" appears again

Expected behavior:
"Patent" is deleted

Alternative behavior:
"Patent" is a standard field in bixtex, the

aalmiray commented Mar 15, 2018

The following files/dirs are found in the index

  • .idea
  • .classpath
  • .project

This means anyone working on either IntelliJ and/or Eclipse have a high chance of overwriting these settings and send a PR with invalid information. These files should be added to .gitignore (see #21) and removed from the index.


  • Updated Aug 20, 2020
  • Java
brcolow commented Apr 22, 2018

Take an example of a failing test that lists the mouse movements:

 Fired events since test began:
             WindowEvent [source = javafx.stage.Stage@17e40e38, target = javafx.stage.Stage@17e40e38, eventType = WINDOW_SHOWING, consumed = false]
             WindowEvent [source = javafx.stage.Stage@17e40e38, target = javafx.stage.Stage@17e40e38, eventType = WINDOW_SHOWN, consumed = false

Created by Oracle

Released December 4, 2008


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