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# [1.21.0](v1.20.5...v1.21.0) (2020-07-19)

### Features

* **monetization:** display donate link if ads don't show ([#106](#106)) ([75cbb45](75cbb45))

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Next Step for Trello JavaScript Style Guide Codacy Badge Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome extension to check tasks directly from your Trello boards. ☑️🚀

🌟 Install and rate it from there: Next Step for Trello (Chrome Web Store)

Next step for trello screenshot


📺🛠 You can watch on YouTube how I developed this Chrome Extension: Livecoding Sessions.

Note: Version number is bumped and the extension is published to Chrome Web Store automatically by semantic-release, run on CI after each commit on the master branch. Read release.config.js for more information.


This Chrome Extension is open source and free to use. It includes features and fixes proposed by several contributors. Pull requests are welcome, especially on prioritized bugs and feature requests. Please don't forget to read first.

Note: The author is supported by native ads that are visible when opening the "mode selection" menu. If you want to give a little extra, donations are not expected but always appreciated. 🤗

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