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My settings for a blank Lift 2.4 project using SBT 0.11.2, Jetty 8 and Specs2
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Lift Clean

This is a clean and updated configuration for the Lift Blank template found on Liftweb site.

This project uses:

  • SBT 0.11.2
  • Jetty 8.1.0
  • Specs2 1.8.1


At the project root, execute ./sbt to open the SBT shell. You'll need to wait a few minutes while it downloads all the dependencies... :O zzzz

When it's done, type ~container:start, access http://localhost:9081/ and enjoy ;)

How to setup Eclipse

First, get the Scala IDE plugin. To fine tune your settings, follow the instructions here.

Then, run ./sbt eclipse to create the .project and .classpath files. Now on Eclipse you'll just need to go to File -> Import... and choose Existing projects into workspace.

Too easy! :)

See also

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