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n0tice for WordPress

Author: Ændrew Rininsland Author URI: http://www.aendrew.com Plugin URI: http://www.n0tice.com Contributors: aendrew Tags: n0tice, curation, hyperlocal, news Requires at least: 2.0.2 Tested up to: 3.3.2 Stable tag: trunk License: GPLv2

Allows WordPress sites to curate and display content from The Guardian's n0tice community reporting platform. See: http://www.n0tice.com


n0tice is a hyperlocal, community-driven news, events and classifieds website brought to you by The Guardian.

This plugin is designed to pull content from specific locales and/or n0ticeboards, allowing it to be curated for display on a WordPress blog.

A backend interface allows specific curations to be taken from n0tice, while a widget allows either curations or a raw feed to be displayed in a sidebar.

Plugin created in cooperation with the Hackney Citizen.

For documentation and more information, visit the plugin's github project.


  1. Upload the n0tice directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Add the n0tice widget to a sidebar via the 'Appearance'->'Widgets' menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete n0tices from curations?

When editing a curation, simply uncheck the checkbox next to the curation you don't want. It will be removed when you hit "Save curation".

Where are all of the n0tices going when I click "Save curation"?

Make sure to tick the checkbox next to each item before clicking "Save curation".

How do I style the widget?

Forthcoming: copy n0tice/css/widget.css into a directory named "n0tice", inside of your theme's root directory. This will override the default widget.css file -- feel free to edit that file, it won't get replaced during plugin updates.

What are some upcoming features?

  • The aforementioned widget theming system.
  • Different kinds of widgets: map, calendar, etc.
  • RSS support for curations
  • Refactored the curation editing page -- instead of one table, will be two: "queue" (i.e., incoming n0tices from searches, etc.) and "published". Additionally, the queue will be live-updating, with searches being "sticky".

Is this an "official" plugin?

This plugin has been created independently of The Guardian/n0tice by Aendrew Rininsland. Please, don't ask either the n0tice or The Guardian for technical support -- instead, direct such requests to n0tice-plugin@aendrew.com.

Known bugs

  1. Searching while specifying a noticeboard often lists noticeboards other than the one submitted (I.e., reblogged?).
  2. Having empty search fields causes search to fail.
  3. The following needs better error handling:
    • "Save curation" without a title (form won't fire presently)
    • "Save curation" without any items (nasty error on the curations list page)
    • Multiple like criteria when searching, i.e., searching for two noticeboards (lowest value used; others disregarded)


  1. Screenshot showing a listing of n0tice curations.
  2. Screenshot showing curated items, in addition to a new search dialog.



  • First official beta release.
  • Fixed another Javascript bug.


  • Fixed a Javascript bug.


  • Initial alpha release. OH YES, THERE WILL BE BUGS!