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Flone Frame

This is the official repository of the airframe of flone quadcopter.

Flone is an Free Libre Open Source drone ecosystem composed by physical hardware and software.

Some charateristics of this frame are:

  • Smart - There is space for the camera to see, and you can use the rest of the sensors of the smartphone, like bluetooth, wifi, gps or 4G

  • Compact - Designed to be as small as possible but fully capable of carry an smartphone or sport camera.

  • Cheap - Hard to found a drone frame cheaper than a piece of plywood of 30x30cm.


There are different materials to cut the frame, we recommend Plywood, but you can use other materials:

  • Plywood: Natural & bio-degradable, very light, cheap and easy to obtain Recommended thickness: 5mm.

  • MDF: Natural & bio-degradable, cheap and easy to obtain. Litle bit more heavy. Recommended thickness: 4mm.

  • Acrilic: Solid, light but less resistant to impacts. Recommended thickness: 3mm.

  • Acetal or Delrin: Much more resistance to impacts, but expensive and hard to obtain. Recommended thickness: 2mm.

Getting Started

  • Download the file of the thickness of your material.

  • Find out the thickness - in order to make the frame as strong as possible is highly recomendable to cut a frame that fits the thickness of the material. Ask your distributor or mesure by yourself with a caliber.

  • Download the right file - select the file more close to the thickness of the material or download the parametric for match the exact size.

  • Check out the Flone SVG Generator for assist you to select the file.

  • If you have questions please read first the documentation or feel free to ask in the forum.


Flone frame is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa.

Flone Hacks

We encourage to hack the frame and share the improvements with others on Github.


Flone Quadcopter Frame: Drone Vector Data






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