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The web application for Orbitdeterminator.
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Orbitdeterminator-Webapp: A webapp for Orbit Determinator

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Quick Start

orbitdeterminator is a package written in python3 for determining orbit of satellites based on positional data. Various filtering and determination algorithms are available for satellite operators to choose from. This is the webapp for orbitdeterminator.

Installation Instructions

Clone the repository and cd into it.

git clone
cd orbitdeterminator-webapp

Install OrbitDeterminator

pip install git+
installation guide for orbitdeterminator-
if you are using ubuntu, install python3-tk using: sudo apt-get install python3-tk
if you are still getting an error explicitly mention python3 instead of python wherever required during installation
if your system doesn't have python3 then first install python3

Install other requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


Run the app with python Go to http://localhost:8050 to view the app.

See here for OrbitDeterminator documentation.

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