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  ST-Ericsson U300 series Android Radio Interface Layer

  Building u300-ril is done through the Android build system.

  First, unpack the u300-ril package into somewhere in the android source tree,
  here we have used mydroid/hardware/ste/ as an example.

  In the Android root directory (here called mydroid) do:

  mydroid$ source build/
  mydroid/hardware/ste/u300-ril$ cd hardware/ste/u300-ril/
  mydroid/hardware/ste/u300-ril$ mm

  This will produce the in the
   mydroid/out/product/..../system/lib/ directory.

  Copy the file to the /system/lib/ directory on target and
  modify the ril-daemon service in android's init.rc to use it. A sample

  service ril-daemon /system/bin/rild -l /system/lib/ -- -c CAIF -i gprs0
      socket rild stream 660 root radio
      socket rild-debug stream 660 radio system
      user root
      group radio cache inet misc

  The command line configuration parameters for u300-ril follows:
    -c : Channel type (CAIF/UNIX/IP/TTY/CHAR) for the AT channel.
    -n : Number of channels to use (maximum two channels are supported).
    -p : Primary channel argument. Mandatory if channel type is different than CAIF.
    -s : Secondary channel argument. Mandatory if channel type is different than CAIF.
    -x : Extra channel argument. Used to specify the host if channel type is IP.
    -i : Defines what network interface will be used for PDP context setup.
         Default is currently gprs0.

  The service is marked as disabled since we usually need to configure the
  modem communication channels before starting the RIL. This is done trough
  a simple shell script, combined with a service defined in init.rc that will
  invoke the script. Once the script is finished, the RIL-daemon will be
  started. A sample service in init.rc:

    service ste-init /system/etc/

  Make sure that the RIL has access to the AT channel or change it if needed.

  For example to change permission rights to /dev/chnlat* in init.rc, please add:

    device /dev/chnlat* 0660 radio radio

  to init.rc above the service definitions. This is important, since the RIL
  will not be able to open the AT channels without the correct permissions set.

  Also, be sure that PPP is disabled in init.rc, since ST-Ericsson RIL does
  not use PPP and if PPP is enabled, setup of data operations will fail.


ST Ericson U300 Radio ABstraction Layer for Android






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