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HaPHPy Birthday is a collaborating movie celebrating 20 years of PHP, the spirit of its community and the work of the core team.

Until the 31st of October, anyone can upload a very short video/picture showing how much s•he loves PHP or its community. Uploaded media can be selfies, placards, group photos, self expression, fun pics… anything imaginable and positive.

Eventually, the provided videos and pictures will be gathered in a short mosaic movie released under a Creative Commons Licence.


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Contributing to the project

Any help is welcome in making the project better and better.

  • You can fork the repository and call for a pull request,
  • report a bug through issues,
  • Or simply make feedbacks about usability and feelings to woecifaun@gmail●com.


Don't hesitate to contact the team if you have any question or comment.

  • Email: team@haphpy-birthday●net
  • Twitter: @haPHPy20