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The Agda standard library
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The Agda standard library

The standard library aims to contain all the tools needed to easily write both programs and proofs. While we always try and write efficient code, we prioritise ease of proof over type-checking and normalisation performance. If computational performance is important to you, then perhaps try agda-prelude instead. You can browse the library source code in glorious clickable html here.

Quick installation instructions

Use version v0.17 of the standard library with Agda

Install it as follows. Say you are in directory $HERE (replace appropriately).

  git clone
  cd agda-stdlib
  git checkout v0.17
  cabal install

The last comment is optional, omit it if you are lacking cabal.

Register it by adding the following line to $HOME/.agda/libraries:


To use the standard library in you project $PROJECT, put a file $PROJECT.agda-lib file in the project root containing:

  depend: standard-library
  include: $DIRS

where $DIRS is a list of directories where Agda searches for modules, for instance . (just the project root).

If you want to refer to the standard library in all your projects, add the following line to $HOME/.agda/defaults


Find the full story at readthedocs.

Contributing to the library

If you would like to suggest improvements, feel free to use the Issues tab. If you would like to make improvements yourself, follow the instructions in HACKING.

Non-standard versions of Agda

If you're using an old version of Agda, you can download the corresponding version of the standard library on the Agda wiki.

If you're using a development version of Agda rather than the latest official release you should use the experimental branch of the standard library rather than master. The experimental branch contains non-backwards compatible patches for upcoming changes to the language.

Type-checking with the --safe flag

After the next full release of Agda, most of the library will be able to be type-checked with the --safe flag. Only the following modules are not compatible:

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