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My small collection of different usefull scripts

Just lame script to bruteforce passwords for my home router

Was one of the tasks for the interview

Script will sort your photo arhive. New directory structure will be created:

<year>/<Month number><month name>/.<file extention>

Example: d:\готово\2018\10 - October\.mp4\29_20181028_153733.mp4

Will walk through dir and all subfolders and compress all video files found to HEVC (best codec corrently. HW decoding support by all modern phones and CPU). You can supress h.264 reencoding, if you like. H.264 is also good codec. Helps to compress old videos (like MOV or early MPEG) to save space. Some videous could be compressed without noticable quality drop 20x! You should install ffmpeg first!

will search for a duplicate and keep only the older file. Initial script here

Check logs afterwards (cat c:\Temp\dups.log | grep ERROR) if you see this: ERROR FileNotFound. Run dups again. Run script again

correct foto date

will walk through folders and CHANGE file modified date to folder's date. Idea is that you will sort photos using script, than manualy move some fotos and run this script to set correct date accroding to new path.

I was tired fighting with PowerShell so I built "Python-2-PowerShell adapter 2000!". It allows you to run powershell scripts from Python and parse the output. This particular script allows you to get Domain/ITSM user's details based on First-Last user's name


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