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Goradion is a command line radio player based on mpv. Goradion is inspired by pyradio and supports it's stations playlists.



  1. Prerequisites: mpv

    • Mac

      • brew install mpv
    • Ubuntu

      • apt install mpv
    • Arch Linux

      • pacman -S mpv
    • Windows

      • Download: mpv
      • Unpack e.g. into c:\mpv
      • Add this dir to the PATH, either via GUI or: setx /M PATH "%PATH%;c:\mpv"
    • Other OSes

  2. Download goradion

  3. Mark it as executable (not needed on Windows):

chmod +x goradion-<version>

Warning: On some Windows machines, a virus scanner identifies the binary as infected (, in this case it's best to build the binary yourself: go build ..


On Windows just double click the downloaded exe (or run via cmd to use flags), on other OSes:

# Starts with preset radio stations


The stations are configured using a CSV file with a titile, URL and optional, semicolon ; separated tag(s), e.g.:


Stations file can be passed with -s argument; goradion supports both local files and HTTP URLs, e.g.:

goradion -s /path/to/stations.csv


goradion -s https://path-to/stations.csv

Keyboard Control

Keyboard Control

    Toggle playing a random station.

    Show tag selection screen.

    Clear selected tag.

  a-z and A-Z
    Toggle playing a station marked with a given letter.

  Enter and Space
    Toggle playing currently selected station.

  Left and Right, - and +
    Change the volume in increments of 5.

  Up and Down
    Cycle through the radio station list.

  PgUp and PgDown
    Jump to a beginning/end of a station list.

    Close current window.

    Show help screen.