Curses based internet radio player
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Command line internet radio player.

Ben Dowling -


  • python 2.6+/3.2+
  • mplayer or vlc installed and in your path


The first thing is to make sure MPlayer and VLC are installed and are in the PATH. To check this, go in your favorite terminal and make sure thiese programs are launched when you type "mplayer" or "cvlc".

MacOSX tip: MPlayer is one of the available packages provided by Homebrew. But it is not the case of VLC. Nevertheless, pyradio will also work with the binary of the application VLC. You simply can add a symbolic link to the executable as follows (this link must of course be in your PATH):

ln -s /Applications/ cvlc

The second step is to install the python package:

pip install pyradio


$ pyradio -h

usage: [-h] [--stations STATIONS] [--random] [--add] [--list]

Console radio player

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--stations STATIONS, -s STATIONS
                        Path on stations csv file.
--random, -r          Start and play random station.
--add, -a             Add station to list.
--list, -l            List of added stations.
--debug, -d           Debug mode (pyradio.log created)
                      To be attached with any bug report.


Up/Down/j/k/PgUp/PgDown     Change station selection
Enter                       Play selected station
-/+                         Change volume
m                           Mute
r                           Select and play a random station
g                           Jump to first station
<n>G                        Jump to n-th station
Space                       Stop/start playing selected station
Esc/q                       Quit