Demo app for Grails Facebook SDK and Grails Shiro Plugin
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Grails Facebook SDK - Shiro Demo

Sample app to demo how to integrate Grails Shiro plugin with Grails Facebook SDK plugin.

Getting started

1- Download or clone the plugin GitHub project.

git clone

2- Create a Facebook app on Facebook Developers, in order to get your own app ID and app secret.

Configure your Facebook app as below:

  • App name space = my-app-name-space
  • App domain = localhost
  • Website URL = http://localhost:8080/facebook-sdk-demo-shiro/website/
  • sandbox mode = enabled (in Advanced setting, to be able to use the app on Facebook without SSL certificate)

3- Add your Facebook app parameters to grails-app/conf/Config.groovy. = {APP_ID} = {APP_PERMISSIONS} = {APP_SECRET}

4-Run the app from the project root.

grails run-app

Browse to http://localhost:8080/facebook-sdk-demo-shiro/website/.