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NOTICE: This project is no longer actively maintained. AgoraVoting develpoment continues as a modular project


Build Status

Agora Ciudadana is a social web site where anyone can create or join in an agora. An agora has a set of members which can vote in the agora's elections either by direct vote or by delegating the vote.

You can see a live version of Agora here:

The source code is available here:

You can have a glance at the development in our trello board:

Contact us in our developement mailing list:

You can read the REST API Documentation in read the docs:

Installation instructions

The file contains the detailed installation instructions

Test instructions

To test the aplication you can use default django test system:

$ ./

Or if you want to test only one test you can call:

$ python test agora_core.AgoraTest.test_agora --settings=agora_site.test_settings