Boot an nds file
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nds-bootstrap is an application that allows the usage of Nintendo DS/DSi Homebrew and ROMs through the SD card of the Nintendo DSi/3DS, rather than through emulators or flashcarts.

Bug Reporting

Before reporting a bug, check the compatibility list to see if it has already been reported.

A few questions one can answer:

  1. How you encountered the bug
  2. What happens when the bug occurs
  3. If the bug is reproduce-able, what steps can one take in order to get there.

Bugs can be reported in the Github issues section or on our Discord server.


Firstly, if you want to self compile, check travis and see if it can compile successfully.

To self-compile this you will need devkitPro with the devkitARM toolchain, plus the necessary tools and libraries. DevkitPro includes dkp-pacman for easy installation of all components:

 $ dkp-pacman -Syu devkitARM general-tools dstools ndstool libnds libfat-nds

Once all that is downloaded and installed, git clone this repository, navigate to the folder, and run make to compile nds-bootstrap. If there is an error, let us know.


In order to use this, you'll need to get a frontend:

  • TWiLight Menu++ (recommended) is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement for DS/DSi/3DS.
  • TWLoader is a discontinued 3DS frontend.
  • nds-hb-menu is a 3DS frontend based off the Nintendo DSi homebrew menu.