A GTK2 image viewer, manga reader, and booru browser
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ahodesuka imagebox: Only queue redraw in set_image if the image isn't new
This fixes an issue where webm files would restart when additional posts
were loaded in the booru browser.
Latest commit 8027ced Oct 25, 2018



A GTK2 image viewer, manga reader, and booru browser.



  • C++ Compiler that supports the C++14 standard is required.
  • gtkmm-2.4 >= 2.20.0
  • glibmm-2.4 >= 2.46.0
  • libconfig++ >= 1.4
  • libcurl >= 7.32.0
  • libxml2
  • gstreamer-1.0 optional
    • gst-plugins-base runtime
    • gst-plugins-good runtime
    • gst-plugins-vpx or gst-plugins-libav runtime
  • libsecret optional
    • gnome-keyring runtime
  • libunrar optional
  • libzip optional
sudo make install

An ebuild can be found here




ahoviewer file[.zip|.rar|.webm|.*]


Booru Browser


  1. My password/API key is not saved after restarting ahoviewer
  2. I get No results found on Danbooru
    • Danbooru only allows normal users to use 2 tags, if you have Maximum post rating set to anything other than Explicit it will count as one tag.
  3. I wish to use a proxy with ahoviewer
    • This can be done by setting the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables respectively, this works on both GNU/Linux and Windows. See my comment in issue #61 for details.

Default Keybindings

Function Key
Open File Control+o
Open Preferences p
Close local image list or booru tab Control+w
Quit Control+q
Fullscreen f
Toggle Manga Mode g
Set Auto Fit Mode a
Set Fit Width Mode w
Set Fit Height Mode h
Set Manual Zoom Mode m
Zoom In Control+=
Zoom Out Control+-
Reset Zoom Control+0
Toggle Menubar Control+m
Toggle Statusbar Control+b
Toggle Scrollbars Control+l
Toggle Thumbnail bar (local image list) t
Toggle Booru Browser b
Hide all (hides the above widgets) i
Next Image Page Down
Previous Image Page Up
First Image Home
Last Image End
Toggle Slideshow s
New Booru Browser Tab Control+t
Save Booru Browser Tab Control+Shift+s
Save Current Booru Image Control+s
Open Booru Post in Web Browser Control+Shift+o
Copy Booru Post URL to Clipboard Control+y
Copy Booru Image URL to Clipboard y
Copy Booru Image Data to Clipboard Control+Shift+y