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Minimal blogging software written in Common Lisp to be used with Emacs' org-mode and org-publish as a way to create blog entries.

See the sample dot-emacs file (should go in your ~/.emacs) to set up org-mode up for this type of usage (or copy dot-emacs into a .el file and #'require it in your emacs).


To start a new blog post:

M-x ahungry-new-blog

You'll be prompted to create a title, I suggest using the following format for the best functionality/usage of this tool:


After creating a file, publish your entries (customize the git information to point to your own bare repo to push changes into) and run:

M-x ahungry-publish

This should create the articles, index page etc., and push to your bare repository (which you will hopefully have something pulling from to deploy the blog code on the fly).

For more details, see the blog post about the software: