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Darian Mars calendar converter

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Darian Mars Calendar Converter

This is Ruby library to convert Earth time to Mars time in Darian calendar.

The Darian calendar is a proposed system of time-keeping on the planet Mars. It was created by aerospace engineer and political scientist Thomas Gangale in 1985. This library use 2002 version of calendar with Telescopic Epoch (1609 instead of 1975 year in original calendar propose).

Based on JS converter by Thomas Gangale.

Sponsored by Evil Martians.


require 'darian'

earth_time =
mars_time  = Darian.from_earth(earth_time)

mars_time.to_s #=> "214-09-17 15:07:17"

mars_time.year  #=> 214
mars_time.month #=> 9
mars_time.sol   #=> 17   #=> 17

mars_time.month_name    #=> "Aries"
mars_time.week_sol_name #=> "Sol Martis"

earth_date =
mars_date  = Darian.from_earth(earth_date)
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