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Orbit keyboard

A split ergonomic keyboard for all

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In light of recent claims that I am 100% liable for any of my open source PCBs, I am adding this disclaimer.

I provide these PCBs as a reference for designing keyboard PCBs. Using them within your projects will require a will to do research of one's own and to learn the workings of them, potentially fixing issues if they exist.

I provide these PCBs without liability and without any guarantees regarding functionality, as expressed in the licenses under which these PCBs are licensed.


  • Ergonomic layout based on the crkbd
  • All on-board components; no separate controller board
  • USB Type-C and in-switch backlight
  • Alps SKCL/M and MX compatibility
  • Built-in overcurrent, reverse voltage, and ESD protection.
  • Pre-panelized in a single PCB file for easy production
  • Keyboard-Layout-Editor data is available here.

Designed for all

  • This keyboard remains close to typical QWERTY layout in key positioning.
  • Most keys remain in their typical locations, which allows easy migration from standard layout keyboards.
  • Whether new to ergonomic layouts or already an avid adopter, Orbit will suit your needs.

Electrical side

  • The incoming power is handled as shown: Diagram
  • VCC/Raw is the raw power fed through the USB connector. The ESD protection IC is bound to here.
  • VBUS is "stable raw power" after being passed through a polyfuse. Used for upstream detection, for a downstream Schottky diode prevents flow from 5V into VBUS. In other words, VBUS is only at 5V when fed from upstream USB.
  • 5V is the "stable power" after passing through a Schottky diode. Used for powering MCU, LEDs, and other split half. Power from the other half feeds here, for it has already been filtered on the other side.
  • Measures are taken to isolate the LED, MCU, and split connection 5V as upstream as possible to prevent interference.


  • Ground plane is limited to critical parts for aesthetic reasons.
  • Top side of PCB is mostly covered with soldermask.


Orbit Keyboard - Split ergonomic keyboard with 5 rows and 7 columns




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