Starting to learn angular.js by displaying music data
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An application that displays Last.FM data - specifically

  • most played albums
  • most played tracks
  • recently played tracks with the data based on API calls into to read scrobble data

Live site

The application can be seen running at or


This application was built to try out some client side technologies. Specifically

  • angular.js
  • Yeoman
  • Bower
  • Grunt

As it is the first time I've used these tools this project is unlikely to be an example of best practise.

Configuring the application

To use the application, edit the file app/scripts/app.js and enter

  • your own userid
  • your api key (available for free from the site)
  • There are other optional settigs in app.js - see the comments in the file for more details


To build the application, you need to

  • Install Node and NPM. Check the install with: node --version && npm --version
  • Install Yeoman (which will also install Bower and Grunt). Install with: npm install -g yo
  • Check the install with: yo --version && bower --version && grunt --version
  • Get the node dependencies added to /node_modules with: npm install
  • Get the application dependencies added to /bower_components with: bower install
  • Install the Yeoman angular "generator" with: npm install --global generator-angular

There seem to be some outstanding problems with the Yeoman angular generator. If, when running, "grunt test" you see "Warning: Task "karma" not found. Use --force to continue" then see The fix I used is to install the following manually:

  • npm install grunt-karma --save-dev
  • npm install karma-phantomjs-launcher --save-dev
  • npm install karma-jasmine --save-dev


  • To run the application with a local webserver use: grunt serve
  • To build the production version of the application use: grunt serve:dist


While a strong believer in TDD, the time I find it hard to test first is when I am first learning a technology/lanaguage/framework. It is hard to write the tests first when you don't yet know what you want to build or how. This is a rather longer winded way of saying that while "grunt test" will happily report all tests as passing, the tests don't yet do anything useful.


This project was started after seeing the great UI, by Alex Cash, in his jQuery plugin for viewing data. This is available at under the MIT / GPL dual license. The CSS (lfm.css) from that project has been re-used for the "top albums" UI in this project. The rest of this project is all new Angular.js based code.


© Aidan Whiteley This project is licensed under the Apache 2 license (noting that lfm.css file was developed by Alex Cash and released under a dual MIT / GPL license)