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AiiDA plugin registry

This repository contains the source of the official registry of AiiDA plugins.

If you are starting to develop a new plugin (e.g. using the AiiDA plugin cutter) or if you already have one, please register it here. We strongly encourage to register at early stages of development, since this both "reserves" the name of your plugin and informs the developer community of your ongoing work.

How to register a plugin

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Add your plugin to the plugins.json file, e.g.
    "new": {
        "name": "aiida-new",
        "entry_point": "new",
        "state": "development",
        "plugin_info": "https://raw.github.com/aiidateam/aiida-new/master/setup.json",
        "code_home": "https://github.com/aiidateam/aiida-new",
        "documentation_url": "http://aiida-new.readthedocs.io/"
  3. Create a Pull Request to this repository

Valid keys for each plugin


the name by which you will distribute the plugin (repository name, PYPI distribution name)


The name which is at the beginning of all entry points exposed by the plugin


One of

  • registered: designates plugins which are not in a working state and may or may not have any code written. Use this to secure a specific name
  • development: plugins which work partially but may not be stable yet
  • stable: plugins which can be used in production.


A url that can be used to directly install the most recent ('development') or most recent stable ('stable') version with pip.


A URL pointing to a JSON file which holds all keyword args, as given to the setuptools.setup function at install. See, for example, the aiida-plugin-template repository.


The link to the homepage of your plugin (e.g. your website, or the github repository it is hosted on).


The link to the online documentation for your plugin (e.g. on Read The Docs).