Custom Translit (for Cyrillic) .keylayout files for use with Apple keyboards
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My custom .keylayout files

This repository contains customized "Russian - Phonetic" keyboard layout in .keylayout format, for use on Mac OS X. Layout was modified to allow entering Cyrillic symbols like it's done in LetterZu application for MS Windows.

Here are some example of input transformations that are made (entered symbols -> displayed symbols):

  • "zh" -> "ж"
  • "sh" -> "ш"
  • "ch" -> "ч"
  • etc.

How to install a new keyboard layout

  1. Copy the .keylayout and .icns files to the Keyboard Layouts folder within /Library or ~/Library.
  2. Reboot, or log out and log in again.
  3. Enable the new keyboard layout "Russian - LetterZu" via System PreferencesLanguage & TextInput Sources.

Mac OS X has supported .keylayout files since version 10.2 (Jaguar).


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