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Changes Vim working directory to project root (identified by presence of known directory or file).

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Rooter is a Vim plugin which changes the working directory to the project root when you open a file.

More accurately, it'll do this when you open a typical webapp file. These files are identified by their extension.

The project root is identified by the presence of known directory, such as a VCS directory, or file, such as a Rakefile. Currently git, darcs, mercurial, bazaar, and subversion are supported.


By default you don't need to do anything: vim-rooter will change the working directory automatically.

You can always invoke vim-rooter manually with <Leader>cd.


You can change the manual-invocation mapping by adding this to your .vimrc:

map <silent> <unique> <Leader>foo <Plug>RooterChangeToRootDirectory

where <Leader>foo is the mapping you want.

You can change the file extensions which trigger vim-rooter with autocommands in ~/.vim/after/plugin/vim-rooter.vim. You'll need to create this file, and possibly the directories, yourself.

To add a file extension, e.g. foo:

autocmd rooter BufEnter *.foo :Rooter

To remove a file extension, e.g. js:

autocmd! rooter BufEnter *.js

To stop vim-rooter changing directory automatically, add this to your .vimrc:

let g:rooter_manual_only = 1

You can set your own directory and file patterns like this:

let g:rooter_patterns = ['Rakefile', '.git/']

Vim-rooter checks the patterns in the order given. So to work correctly with git submodules you should have .git before .git/.

Setting your own patterns overwrites the defaults. Directories should have a trailing slash.

You can have vim-rooter locally change directory (:lcd) instead of changing directory (:cd) by adding this to your .vimrc:

let g:rooter_use_lcd = 1

When vim-rooter encounters a non-project file, it won't change directory by default. If you would instead like vim-rooter to change to the file's directory, do this:

let g:rooter_change_directory_for_non_project_files = 1


Install into ~/.vim/plugin/rooter.vim or, if you're using Pathogen, into ~/.vim/bundle/rooter.vim.

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