Exception tracking for Android Apps.
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Airbrake Notifer for Android


The Airbrake notifier for Android is designed to give you instant notification of any uncaught exceptions thrown from your Android applications.

Building from Source

To build a .jar file from source, make a clone of the airbrake-android github repository and run:

ant package

This will generate a file named build/airbrake-android-<version>.jar.

Installation & Setup

Copy the .jar file to your Android app's libs/ folder.

Import the AirbrakeNotifier class in your app's main Activity.

import com.loopj.android.airbrake.AirbrakeNotifier;

In your activity's onCreate function, register to begin capturing exceptions:

AirbrakeNotifier.register(this, "your-api-key-goes-here");


The AirbrakeNotifier.register call requires a context and Airbrake API key to be passed in, and optionally a third argument specifying the environment. The environment defaults to production if not set.

To notify Airbrake of non-fatal exceptions, or exceptions you have explicitly caught in your app, you can call AirbrakeNotifier.notify. This call takes exactly one argument, a Throwable, and can be called from anywhere in your code. For example:

try {
    // Something dangerous
} catch(Exception e) {
    // We don't want this to crash our app, but we would like to be notified


The Airbrake notifier for Android is released under the Android-friendly Apache License, Version 2.0. Read the full license here:



This libary was built by James Smith http://loopj.com/. Since it's no longer being maintianed this is the offical Airbrake fork.

Thanks to James for his contributions.