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Aiven Client BuildStatus

Aiven is a next-generation managed cloud services platform. Its focus is in ease of adoption, high fault resilience, customer's peace of mind and advanced features at competitive price points. See for more information about the backend service.

aiven-client (avn) is the official command-line client for Aiven.

                    `'+;`         `'+;`
The Aiven Crab    '@@@#@@@`     '@@@#@@@`
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   #@.     #@.   @@.     #@.
                 @: ,@@   @@   @: ,@@   @@
                ,@  @@@@@ :@  :@  @@@@@ .@
                 @  #@@@. #@   @` #@@@` @@
                 @@      `@#   @@      `@#
                  @@#. :@@+     @@#. :@@#
                   `+@@@'        `#@@@'
           ,;:`                             ,;;.
         @@@@@@#     .+@@@@@@@@@@@@@'.    `@@@@@@@
        @@@@@#    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+    @@@@@@
         @@@   ;@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@`  `@@;
          `  `@@@@@@@@@@@        ;@@@@@@@@@@@
      `@@@  '@@@@@@@@@@@@@       @@@@@@@@@@@@@`  @@@
     '@@@` .@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@    `@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@`
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    '@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@
    ,:::;  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  ,:::
       :@  ,@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  #@
       @@@  +@#+#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#+#@.  @@@
       @@@@        '@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.        @@@@
       @@@  @@@@@@+  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@;  @@@
       @@  @@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ `@@@@@@@@@  @+
          @@@@@@@@@@@ :@@@@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@ '
         `@@@@@@@@@@@       ```      ,@@@@@@@@@@@
         `@@@@@@   '@                :@:   @@@@@@
          @@@@@:                           @@@@@@
           @@@@@                           @@@@@
            @@@@#                         @@@@'

Platform requirements

Aiven Client has been tested and developed on Linux and Mac OS X systems. It is a Python program that works with Python 3.6 or newer versions. The only external dependency is Requests (and certifi on Windows/OSX).


From PyPI (Linux/OSX):

$ python3 -m pip install aiven-client

From PyPI (Windows):

c:\> python3 -m pip install aiven-client

Build an RPM package (Linux):

$ make rpm

Basic Usage

  • NOTE: On Windows you may need to use python3 -m aiven.client instead of avn.
  • All commands will output the raw REST API JSON response with --json

Help command

$ avn help

List all commands. You can use the help to also search for matching commands, for example

$ avn help kafka topic

would list all commands that have kafka and topic in their description.

Login and users


$ avn user login <your@email>

Logout (revokes current access token, other sessions remain valid):

$ avn user logout

Expire all authentication tokens for your user, logs out all web console sessions, etc. You will need to login again after this.:

$ avn user tokens-expire

Manage individual access tokens:

$ avn user access-token list
$ avn user access-token create --description <usage_description> [--max-age-seconds <secs>] [--extend-when-used]
$ avn user access-token update <token|token_prefix> --description <new_description>
$ avn user access-token revoke <token|token_prefix>

Note that the system has hard limits for the number of tokens you can create. If you're permanently done using a token you should always use user access-token revoke operation to revoke the token so that it does not count towards the quota.

Alternatively, you can add 2 JSON files, first create a default config in ~/.config/aiven/aiven-credentials.json containing the JSON with an auth_token:

    "auth_token": "ABC1+123...TOKEN==",
    "user_email": ""

Second create a default config in ~/.config/aiven/aiven-client.json containing the json with the default_project:

{"default_project": "yourproject-abcd"}


List account teams:

$ avn account team list <account_id>

Create a team:

$ avn account team create --team-name <team_name> <account_id>

Delete a team:

$ avn account team delete --team-id <team_id> <account_id>

Attach team to a project:

$ avn account team project-attach --team-id <team_id> --project <project_name> <account_id> --team-type <admin|developer|operator|read_only>

Detach team from project:

$ avn account team project-detach --team-id <team_id> --project <project_name> <account_id>

List projects associated to the team:

$ avn account team project-list --team-id <team_id> <account_id>

List members of the team:

$ avn account team user-list --team-id <team_id> <account_id>

Invite a new member to the team:

$ avn account team user-invite --team-id <team_id> <account_id> <user@email>

See the list of pending invitations:

$ avn account team user-list-pending --team-id <team_id> <account_id>

Remove user from the team:

$ avn account team user-delete --team-id <team_id> --user-id <user_id> <account_id>


List available cloud regions:

$ avn cloud list


List projects you are a member of:

$ avn project list

Project commands operate on the currently active project or the project specified with the --project NAME switch. The active project cab be changed with the project switch command:

$ avn project switch <projectname>

Show active project's details:

$ avn project details

Create a project and set the default cloud region for it:

$ avn project create myproject --cloud aws-us-east-1

Delete an empty project:

$ avn project delete myproject

List authorized users in a project:

$ avn project user-list

Invite an existing Aiven user to a project:

$ avn project user-invite

Remove a user from the project:

$ avn project user-remove

View project management event log:

$ avn events


List services (of the active project):

$ avn service list

List services in a specific project:

$ avn service list --project proj2

List only a specific service:

$ avn service list db1

Verbose list (includes connection information, etc.):

$ avn service list db1 -v

Full service information in JSON, as it is returned by the Aiven REST API:

$ avn service list db1 --json

Only a specific field in the output, custom formatting:

$ avn service list db1 --format "The service is at {service_uri}"

View service log entries (most recent entries and keep on following logs, other options can be used to get history):

$ avn service logs db1 -f

Launching services

View available service plans:

$ avn service plans

Launch a PostgreSQL service:

$ avn service create mydb -t pg --plan hobbyist

View service type specific options, including examples on how to set them:

$ avn service types -v

Launch a PostgreSQL service of a specific version (see above command):

$ avn service create mydb96 -t pg --plan hobbyist -c pg_version=9.6

Update a service's list of allowed client IP addresses. Note that a list of multiple values is provided as a comma separated list:

$ avn service update mydb96 -c ip_filter=,,

Open psql client and connect to the PostgreSQL service (also available for InfluxDB):

$ avn service cli mydb96

Update a service to a different plan AND move it to another cloud region:

$ avn service update mydb --plan startup-4 --cloud aws-us-east-1

Power off a service:

$ avn service update mydb --power-off

Power on a service:

$ avn service update mydb --power-on

Terminate a service (all data will be gone!):

$ avn service terminate mydb

Managing service users

Some service types support multiple users (e.g. PostgreSQL database users).

List, add and delete service users:

$ avn service user-list
$ avn service user-create
$ avn service user-delete

For Redis services running version 6 or above, it's possible to create users with ACLs:

$ avn service user-create --username new_user --redis-acl-keys "prefix* another_key" --redis-acl-commands "+set" --redis-acl-categories "-@all +@admin" my-redis-service

Service users are created with strong random passwords.

Updating service configuration

Shell completions

avn supports shell completions. It requires an optional dependency: argcomplete. Install it:

$ python3 -m pip install argcomplete

To use completions in bash, add following line to ~/.bashrc:

eval "$(register-python-argcomplete avn)"

For more information (including completions usage in other shells) see

More help

$ avn help
$ avn -h
$ avn user -h
$ avn service -h
$ avn service create -h
$ avn project -h


Aiven Client is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For the exact license terms, see LICENSE and .


Bug reports and patches are very welcome, please post them as GitHub issues and pull requests at

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