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Public repositories under this Organisation include the Aiven Terraform Provider, the Kubernetes Operator, and mirrors for PostgreSQL, Apache Cassandra, etc.

Please review this Organisation's Code of Conduct, and ways to report concerns.

Other Aiven GitHub Organisations

Aiven Open is where all open source projects made and maintained by Aiven and the Aiven Open Source Program Office (OSPO) live. These projects are actively looking for external contributors (individuals, as well as organisations). And in some cases (like Karapace), the project might see contribution from our Product teams as well. This is where you'll find the Klaw project, the Prometheus-Exporter for OpenSearch, all our Kafka Connectors, and more.

Aiven Labs is where our experimental, non-production code goes. Sample code, examples used in customer meetings, and at conferences. For freshness, we archive repositories in Aiven Labs after 6 months of non-human activity.

Quick links

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Popular repositories

  1. terraform-provider-aiven terraform-provider-aiven Public

    Aiven Terraform Provider

    Go 123 67

  2. aiven-client aiven-client Public

    aiven-client (avn) is the official command-line client for Aiven

    Python 88 29

  3. devportal devportal Public archive

    Resources for users of the projects on the Aiven platform

    PLpgSQL 59 53

  4. aiven-examples aiven-examples Public

    Aiven "getting started" code examples

    Python 41 23

  5. aiven-operator aiven-operator Public

    Provision and manage Aiven Services from your Kubernetes cluster.

    Go 30 17

  6. aiven-go-client aiven-go-client Public

    Aiven Golang API Client

    Go 20 27


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