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device automounter for OpenBSD hotplugd(8)

toad (Toad Opens All Devices) is a utility meant to be started from the hotplugd(8) attach and detach scripts. It will try to mount all partitions found on the device under /run/media/username/device.

Optionally, the toadd(8) optical medium detection daemon that works in conjunction with toad(8) can be used to detect the insertion of a medium in the optical drives of the machine (maximum 2).

See toad(8) for more information about how to create the hotplugd(8) attach and detach scripts. A sample script that can be used as both an attach and a detach script is provided: hotplug-scripts.


$ make
$ doas make install

Runtime dependencies


  • Net::DBus required
  • ConsoleKit required
  • Polkit required (for eject(1)/umount(8))


  • toad(8) required


  • syslog / xmessage
  • eject(1)
  • toadd cleanup mount points on SIG{TERM,HUP,...?}
  • check for parts without hardcoding the supported FS?
  • also handle USB printers (ugen/usb ownership)?
  • check whether fuse0 is accessible and use ntfs3g if available
  • pledge(2)