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HNRetweet is an userscript that adds retweet links to the Hacker News site.

Screenshot 1

Clicking on a retweet link for a story lets you retweet that story from @HNTweets.
If a low-profile story wasn't tweeted by @HNTweets the script lets you send a new tweet in the same format.

Screenshot 2


  • In Firefox install Greasemonkey and click on the install button bellow.
  • In Chrome install Tampermonkey and click on the install button bellow.
  • In Opera right-click on the button bellow select "Save Linked Content As..." and put the script in an empty folder
    Then set that folder as the userscripts folder in:
    [Opera button] > [Settings] > [Preferences] / [Advanced] / [Content] / [JavaScript options]


Note: I'm not sure about other browsers. Let me know if it works for you...


A Compojure web app running on App Engine receives new tweets from @HNTweets and maintains a list of backlinks from each HN post to the corresponding tweet.

The user script build a retweet links for each post based on the post id from the comment link (or the post URL if there isn't a comment link). These links point to an ( URL for the webapp that redirects you to the coresponding retweet intent.